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The AP Migration tool is a tool to help in the seamless upgrade of Cisco WLC code. The tool is used to provide a script which can be run on the WLC command line to progressively move APs from one WLC to the next. In doing so, the first WLC is freed of its APs and can then be upgraded without the normal outage that would be caused by rebooting the controller with APs attached.

The tool has been designed to randomise the order that the APs will be moved in so that APs located adjacent to each other should be affected at different times and thus eliminate a WLAN outage in any single area.

The script should then be entered into the WLC a batch at a time to progressively move APs – take care to ensure all the APs are registered on the second WLC prior to moving the next batch.

When the APs are gradually moved, the effects should be minimal to the end users (assuming enough APs are in operation to start with). Once the code upgrade is complete on the primary WLC, the script can be reversed in order to gradually move the APs back to the original WLC.”

If you just want to reload APs in a random order then choose the "Reset AP Script" function. To move APs to another controller, choose the "Move AP Script" function. APs will migrate to their new primary automatically unless you have AP fallback disabled on the "From" controller, in which case you will need to tick the "Reboot AP" option to force APs to move. Use the "Swap AP boot image" option if the APs are moving to a controller with a code version that is currently in the AP backup image slot.

The tool works best with a Chrome browser.

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