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KRACKs (Key Reinstallation Attacks)

Anyone working with WiFi will have heard about the announcement that was made public on October 16, about the discovery of some vulnerabilities (known as KRACK) affecting the security protocols that are used on WPA/WPA2 protected wireless networks. IEEE 802.11i, which is the technical term for WPA2 was believed to be secure and unbreakable since its introduction in 2003. This is quite a long time and it is therefore needless to say that the discovery of KRACKs was quite a shock for the whole IT world.

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ACMP: Aruba Certified Mobility Professional

At IPTel Solutions we focus on learning about new WiFi technologies when they arise and we aim to keep ahead of trends in our featured product lines. This includes continuous training of our engineering staff in many different subjects.

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Clinical Wi-Fi: Top 5 Design Tips

We’ve worked on and upgraded lots of hospitals that just didn’t have a fit for purpose Wi-Fi network. Turning back the clock, Wireless LANs were typically designed as hotspot grade. Clinicians had laptops and wanted to connect a Workstation on Wheels (WOW) at the patient bedside, and not much more. Poor RF design has been a prevalent factor too, in historic deployments - coverage was not consistent and user experience was patchy.

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The Long Road to Cisco CCIE Emeritus

I took my CCIE around 11 years ago now, but like everyone who’s attempted the lab, you don’t forget it quickly. Passing the lab is no easy feat - there's a pre-qualification exam, followed by the lab itself. I've heard it said that 80% of people that start the CCIE journey never pass, so there's a reason it's right up there with the hardest qualifications in IT.

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