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Site to Site VPN: Made easy with Meraki

If yours is one of a growing number of companies who offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely, you might have experienced some difficulty in ensuring the integrity and security of company data when outside of the local network. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide the means to satisfy these requirements, while allowing remote workers access to the local company network as if they are present in the main office.

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Aruba: Wireless for SMB

IPTel work mainly in the Enterprise sphere where large office spaces call for many hundreds of access points and consequently high performing controllers usually with costly licenses. Where budget is key, Aruba have a neat solution that dispenses of the need for a physical controller. Aruba Instant APs (IAP) combine enterprise grade WLAN performance, security, and scalability yet are simple to install and setup.

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Clinical Asset Tracking

Clinical asset tracking is all about finding the asset you want, when you want them. Clinical staff spend a lot of wasted time searching for an asset, which sometimes are stored for safe keeping in out of the way places.

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