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RTLS Use Cases : Nursecall Integration

The difficulty with nursecall integration, is that you have to have a system which can provide 100% certainty that a nurse is indeed in the room. We've used CenTrak infrared beacons to create a foolproof solution.

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Cisco AP Migration Tool - Part 1

Have you deployed your Cisco HA WLAN controllers and now discovered when you do an upgrade that they both reload, one after another? In this article we explore what you need to do to perform a seamless upgrade, with virtually no client impact on a Cisco WLAN Controller. This article is the first in a series dedicated to how to upgrade your Cisco WLCs within the minimum of client impact. This article provides the background and pre-requisites, with further articles detailing the process.

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The End of The Cisco 5508

For us as a Company the 5508 has proved a solid and reliable product over the years, a benchmark if you like by which all other installations are measured. We’ve setup and supported many a site with these boxes and only rarely seen a problem with the hardware (software .. now that’s another thing).

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Cisco Project Delivery Excellence Winner 2018

IPTel Solutions was awarded the Cisco Project Delivery Excellence Award at Cisco Live 2018, as a part of Cisco's PartnerXperience. It's a huge honour and privilege this year that IPTel Solutions have won the Project Delivery Excellence award. This is in recognition of the way in which IPTel address projects and how we like to work with our customers - as a true trusted advisor.

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