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Rapid Prototyping Radius Server Policies

There is a wealth of information on the internet about configuring RADIUS Servers (Cisco ISE or Aruba Clearpass) to perform a multitude of operations. The intention of this blog post is to help Radius Server administrators test their configurations - mostly for purposes of learning and rapid prototyping configurations.

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EIRP vs Transmit Power: What power is your AP Transmitting at?

In a previous blog, we explored why some WiFi channels transmit at different power levels. Cisco uses power levels to describe the power the AP is running at - but what power does that actually translate in to?

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MIST AP41 Access Point

At first glance you might think it's just another cloud based product similar to Meraki, but MIST have taken a unique approach by offloading data analytics and machine learning to the cloud, reducing operational costs by up to 40%. Data analytics is big business nowadays so it’s exciting to see them leveraging the technology to do big things!

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