Building and energy management are paramount in any modern site design. Improving the energy rating of a building is an excellent way for an architect or builder to stand out from the crowd. IPTel Solutions are ready to assist with designing and building a network capable of aggregating building services into an easily manageable form.

Cisco Energy Wise software can be used to monitor the energy usage of all networking devices and reduce their power output by switching off devices when they aren’t in use. The reduction in power usage will even pay for the initial setup over time.

Wireless LANs are standard in many new buildings. IPTel Solutions can create the plans required to detail the access point arrangement. Site surveys may also be required in addition to the initial simulated designs, and these can be conducted once the walls and ceilings are in place. Special areas such as lifts, plant rooms or external areas are all feasible.

Getting the correct placement of access points early is by far the most cost effective solution as remediating a wireless design later can prove to be a much more difficult task.

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