Health Care

Healthcare is currently experiencing many technological advances with an emphasis on mobility. Major hospitals now regard wireless networks as a prerequisite for their operation.

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Warehouses can offer a challenging environment for WLANs due to the high density areas and shelving obstructions, not to mention the potentially huge cost implications should excessive downtime occur.

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Building and energy management are paramount in any modern site design. Improving the energy rating of a building is an excellent way for an architect or builder to stand out from the crowd.

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The education sector is embracing wireless technology which is improving students learning abilities by enabling a dynamic educational environment. A well designed wireless architecture enhances collaborative training and enables new educational models that were never possible in the past.

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Office networks have classically consisted of a relatively low number of access points which were able to support small hotspot areas, such as meeting or board rooms. These networks have typically not been capable of supporting the modern mobility required of workers.

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Hospitality relies heavily on reputation and customer satisfaction. Many venues want to increase loyalty and revenue per guest by making their venue more desirable and experiences more enjoyable by providing secure, simple and fast wireless internet access.

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Retail clients require different features than other verticals. There are two important services which have become a necessity for any retail environment: BYOD, which can attract customers to outlets, and analytics for determining customer habits.

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