Messaging and Alerting

Messaging and Alerting

IPTel Solutions have partered with Mobicall to provide a cutting edge messaging and alerting application.

Messaging platforms can be used for many purposes. Essentially Mobicall is an engine which can take many inputs and undertake many outputs.

Inputs might be an inbound email, a contact closing, an SNMP trap, a phone call, or many other inputs. The system can then process a set of rules and undertake an output.

For example, this might be an emergency door being opened and the system then pages the security guards, or a UPS running on battery, so an alert is sent to the IT staff. One use with very obvious ROI is the monitoring of clinical fridges - with very expensive drugs, the ability to monitor temperature - and escalate - is a major win for hospitals.

While Mobicall can do everything that other messaging platforms can do, it has a built in voice scripting engine. The system can dial out, play a message to a user and request an input (a keypress for example). The system can escalate to multiple people at once if required, and further escalate if no response is received.

The abilty to script events (such as evacutions) takes the panic out of the situation and ensures there's a log of the actions taken and who responded when.

Mobicall offers a wealth of solutions, with IPTel able to consult and configure the sytem for clients.

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