Retail clients require different features than other verticals. There are two important services which have become a necessity for any retail environment: BYOD, which can attract customers to outlets, and analytics for determining customer habits.

By having the ability to provide free Internet access to clients (via checking in with Facebook), a retail outlet can garner a great deal of social advertising simply by providing customers with internet access.

Analytics are excellent tools which provide many useful benefits to the retailer. Information such as device locations can be used to analyse how customers move through the store and what areas they are spending their in-store time.

Alongside the ability to provide data on customer habits, an in-store wayfinding service can be utilised to help clients track down the exact shelf location where a product is stored. This can include providing wayfinding to allow the customer to view specific displays while en route to the product in question.

Messaging within a store can be beneficial for locating team members or for management to ensure they have staff positioned in the right place at the right time. Combined with a VOIP solution means your staff can stay mobile and connected throughout the store floor area.

EnergyWise is a feature which monitors devices’ power consumption and takes appropriate action; useful for retail stores which close at night. 

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