RTLS: Real Time Location Services

Real Time Location Services

Real time location services allow businesses to track users and assets, leading to a more productive and profitable operation. Trained in both Ekahau and Aeroscout, IPTel can offers clients the abilty to add location tracking to their networks.

Staff Tags / Duress / Call Assist / Code Black Tags

One of the more critical use cases of Real Time Location Services (RTLS) is duress. The ability for a user to initiate a duress alert and be placed on a map for security to assist, provides peace of mind for staff in vulnerable situations.

Coupled with the Mobicall Messaging Engine, the duress function can initiate a phone call (or multiple calls in parallel), or message multiple staff at once to assist.

CenTrak tags come in two flavours - the 900MHz version and the WiFi / 900Mhz version. What this means is that you can have a WiFi tag roaming across the site, and then be able to use the beacon overlay in critical areas for guaranteed room based accuracy.

This also means that if you have no WiFi at all, we could still deploy, just using the 900MHz overlay.

The CenTrak tags also support LF exciters - position these at the exit points from the building and have certainty that a tag has left.

RTLS offers a great number of possibilities for organisations to make better use of assets as well as provide staff with the asset they need more quickly, so they can focus on their job, not searching for a piece of equipment.

RTLS Asset Tags

There are many types of tags, suitable for different solutions. Some can offer two way communication, so can be attached to a bed and a button pressed to indicate when they should be cleaned or maintained.

Less critical, but highly useful for staff is the ability for staff to location track devices. Attaching a tag to a device, it can be configured in the system, allowing staff to search for the nearest type of asset they require.

It could of course be a central control point looking for the nearest cleaning cart, or a nurse looking for an infusion pump or a wheelchair.

The ability to find the asset staff need quickly can be a major time saver.

The use cases though can start to get more complex and more integrated into a site. These use cases are particularly of interest for clinical sites.

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand hygiene is of vital importance in preventing the spread of hospital acquired infections. One of the simplest ways of preventing transmission from one patient to the next is washing your hands. Everyone is busy, stressed and sometimes pushed to the limit, so its natural to forget to do it sometimes.

Here's where technology can help. The image on the left shows the beacon above the dispenser. These can be built in also, which is a bit of a neater look.

When a clinician enters the room, the system senses that they have not washed their hands and alerts their tag (the staff tag at the top of the page), to remind them to do so.

While the aim of the system isn't necessarily to go big brother on staff, it would allow the monitoring of average rates of hand cleansing.

Many hospitals have audits where staff are followed around to check they are complying - but everyone will comply when someone with a clipboard is following you around!

This system is all about changing behaviour long term - which makes the transmission of infectious diseases between patients less likely.

Last up, is something truly innovative.

Nursecall Presence / Cancellation

The image on the right shows the nursecall lights. A white light means you have a patient in distress and they have pressed the nursecall. A green light and the nurse is present in the room.

Currently, when a nurse attends a patient, they have to press the nursecall cancellation. This system allows for that to be automatic - and have a log of which nurse pressed the button - and when.

The other benefit is automatic nurse presence - looking down the corridor, you can see which rooms have a nurse in them, so finding a nurse in an emergency is a whole lot easier.

CenTrak: Case Study at the Atlanta Piedmont Hospital

Centrak Piedmont Case Study If you'd like to see a bit more about the use of CenTrak, take a look at the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital case study. This shows how the technology can be used in a day to day fashion to the benefit of clinicians and other staff.

Click on the image on the left to view the youtube video.
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