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Shaun Williams

CCIE Wireless, 54495

IPTel Solutions is pleased to welcome Shaun to the team at IPTel. The company is expanding and we are pleased to have had Shaun working with us for a little while now. While we have other CCIEs, Shaun brings the specialisation of a CCIE Wireless to IPTel, adding even more depth to our current team.

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Shaun Williams    Cisco CCIE Wireless

Shaun is a Senior Technical Consultant with 10 years of experience as a technical consultant, having started as an IT administrator he developed his skills specializing in Wireless and Networking. Shaun has obtained many certifications over the years, including MCITP and CCNP Route and Switch. His eagerness to learn and gain further knowledge has enabled him to achieve his highest certification to date, CCIE Wireless in 2016. His interesting CCIE journey can be read on the official Cisco website:


Shaun has been exposed to many global, corporate, and enterprise-level customers, and gained experience with some of South Africa’s largest enterprise wired and wireless networks in the financial, industrial and retail space with a special focus on warehousing. Understanding their demanding requirements and diverse needs he always met the client’s expectations. He has also been the lead engineer on numerous middle and large scale projects, as well as major sporting events. As lead engineer his responsibilities included the design, deployment, implementation and maintenance of the proposed solution, seeing every project to the end.


The Absa Cape Epic

Originally from South Africa, Shaun has worked on some adventurous installations and none more so than the Absa Cape Epic. The Absa Cape Epic, South Africa’s Tour de France of Mountain Biking consists of daily changes where Shaun and his team spent many sleepless nights having to ensure connectivity in remote locations. At times they had 2500+ devices connected to the wireless network. The Absa Cape Epic is a 7-day race staged at 5 race villages, each village in a different location with their own unique challenges. These villages included tents for 1200 riders and 2500 staff, media, medical etc., as well as dining areas and hospitality. Every race village is the size of up to 4 football fields.

Two teams were deployed to leap frog between race villages. One site would be the live village where everything is running while the other is being setup in preparation for when everyone arrives at the next race village. The challenges were very little time frames for setups (1 – 3 days) to setup an entire race village with cabling, fiber runs, installation of core, routers, 15+ access switches, and 50+ access points (Omni and directional), all using Cisco hardware.

The Absa Cape Epic: Cisco ISE

Cisco ISE was used to create 2 SSIDs. The first SSID allowed connectivity for staff, event crew, tracking, medics, media, sponsors and hospitality. These services were separated by VLAN and using policies the team was able to provide different throughput and rate limiting according to needs of the service. Media uploading 4k content and photos etc. required more bandwidth (1TB + per day) than staff that used general connectivity. The second SSID was used for guests, creating a custom portal page on ISE.

On top of that Shaun and the team assisted in live streaming from a GoPro attached to a pro-rider who followed the riders throughout every stage. He wore an 8kg backpack which carried a battery to power an access point and supporting equipment. This allowed the Absa Cape Epic for the first time ever, to live stream content in areas of Wi-Fi coverage. On the trail, another AP was mounted on the bottom of a helicopter which followed the riders and enabled camera crew to switch from live commentary to the GoPro live stream. The team also made live commentary via Skype from London on a mountain pass possible, an area with no other forms of coverage.

The Absa Cape Epic: Race Tracking 

To track movement patterns and trends throughout the race villages Shaun setup CMX and location tracking, while this may have not been extremely accurate due to the locations of the villages and the short time frames for the installment and calibration of the access points, it provided fantastic trends and movement patterns within the village. This and other analytical data has become a benefit to the Absa Cape Epic team to improve the sites for the years to come. The use of Cisco Prime allowed Shaun and crew to monitor everything and allow for successful connectivity 4 years in a row.

 One of the competitors is shown in full flight below - exciting stuff!

Absa Cape Epic

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