Cisco VLAN Select Calculator

VLAN select is a function on a Cisco WLC where a device will be placed in a VLAN based on its MAC address when multiple VLANs are tied to a single SSID (using an interface group). Clients are pseudo load balanced across the VLANS based on a hashing algorithm.

If you have a client that you need to assign a specific IP address to via DHCP, you can use this tool to determine which VLAN it would be placed in and then assign (a.k.a. "Reserve") an IP address in the appropriate subnet.

NOTE: This tool assumes that your VLAN interfaces in your interface group are numbered consecutively (e.g. 100, 101, 102, 103). If they are not (e.g. 100, 35, 67, 103) then just enter "1" as the starting interface number and then the result will indicate the sequence number of the interface (VLAN) in your interface group (using the previous example, a "3" would indicate the 3rd interface which is VLAN 67).

For more information on the Cisco VLAN Select feature, see this link


We've recently written a blog on this tool, describing in detail how to use it:


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