Webinar: Cisco DNA Assurance


IPTel Solutions are pleased to announce our collaboration with Cisco in bringing our customers an exclusive webinar on DNA Center.

DNAC offers the latest in innovation for the delivery of Software Defined Networking - attend and find out how to make your network intent based, providing you with real time telemetry data and ease of management never before seen. 

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Cisco DNA Assurance Webinar


DNA Assurance provides simple, quick analysis of complex network issues that would otherwise take hours or days to resolve. With the growing dependence on mobile and IoT devices, many organizations need visibility into network health - and the ability to be proactive.

October 31st 10:00 –11:00am GMT+10 (AEST)


According to IDC, IT spends 43% of their time troubleshooting. DNA Center Assurance puts you at the right place to isolate the problem, at the right time when the issue happened, and lead you to the right action, providing guided remediation. You can continue your journey to intent-based networking with Automation, eliminating repetitive administration tasks like provisioning and configuration to reduce the management burden.

What will be Discussed?

Join our networking experts for a 60 minute webinar where we will demonstrate the latest Cisco Intent-based Networking innovations on network analytics and automation.


Viewers will learn how IPTel and Cisco's Intent-Based Networking solution can quickly address network issues and automate their network to meet their current and future business needs.

Figure 1: DNA Center Logo

Figure 2: Amazon Gift Card

Perks of Attending

Attending the Webinar can get you a free, customised Intent Based Networking Report, detailing the networks capabilities, business implications, network security and more! 

As well as putting you in the draw for a $100 Amazon Gift Card!*



Who is DNA Assurance for?

Do you have enough visibility in the network to be able to isolate issues quickly?

Do you find that in order to understand what is really happening when an issue arises, you need to correlate lots of data manually from different tools?

Would you like the network to predict issues before users are impacted?

Is it challenging to maintain a consistently good user experience on your wireless network?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it's a must to tune in!

When is the Webinar?

The webinar will begin at 10:00am GMT+10 (AEST) on October 31st and end an hour after at 11:00am.

This webinar is hosted by Cisco's Webex, join by clicking the register now button below.

It will include live demonstrations of Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance solutions.


Figure 3: Customer Challenges




*You will only be put in the draw for the Amazon Gift Card if you complete the Intent Based Networking Report. 

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